Astro Empowerment

Artist: Elise Burke

Artist: Elise Burke

Astrology is considered one of the 8 Branches of Classical Chinese Medicine. This is so because of the foundational Daoist belief that we are all a part of the same thing. The whole can be differentiated and divided down to the smallest piece, and it will still contain the essence of the whole within it.

We can consider ourselves, then, to be microcosmic distillations of the larger world around us; little worlds within a world, so to speak. When we think of it this way it isn't such a far stretch to hold possible that the energy and essence of the planet Venus, for example, lives inside of each of us and the Venusian virtues and vices manifest uniquely in each of us depending on where in the sky She was located in relation to where we were born and at the exact moment we took our first breath.

The Natal Astrological Chart is the tool we use to interpret this potent information for each of the planetary bodies- who they represent in our psyche, how and why they operate the way they do (determined by the planetary body's astrological sign), and where in our life we're most likely to find their influences (determined by the planetary body's house placement).

It is an incredibly empowering  journey to discover our Cosmic DNA through the natal chart. No matter life's twists and turns, the natal astrological chart has insights for you that always hold true and always help guide.