Patient Information


Before Your Appointment, here are some things to consider:

  • Please review the What to expect during your Arvigo® Therapy session here

  • During your session you will be draped with linens to ensure you are comfortable and secure while allowing access to your abdomen from the Xyphoid process (central meeting point of your ribs at your chest) to your pubic bone, anteriorly, and from your occiput (base of your neck) to your tailbone, posteriorly.

  • Please come to your appointment with a light stomach- not too full, but not on empty!

  • Please limit coffee/high caffeine food or drinks and completely avoid alcohol/ any intoxicating substances in the immediate hours prior to and after your treatment. Drinking plenty of water on treatment days (and always!) is also beneficial to the healing process.

  • Please avoid intensely strenuous exercise or activities on treatment days. Light exercise such as yoga, stretching, and/or walking are lovely and supportive alternatives.

New Patient Paperwork

Please download the New Patient Paperwork linked below and bring a completed copy with you to our first appointment. The more time you spend thoughtfully looking over and answering the questions, the quicker important connections are able to be made about your health. Please also bring any recent lab work you've had done within the last year for my review and consideration. Note that your signatures of acknowledgment for the additional policy and consent forms linked below are all located at the bottom of the first page of the New Patient Paperwork. They are posted here for your review only- you do not need to print them out. Additionally, If you have compatible software to fill out the paperwork electronically, please feel free to do so and email the pdf to Thank you!

  • New Patient Arvigo® Therapy Intake Form (please print and sign) click here

Please read the following documents before your appointment (no need to print or sign)

Cancellation Policy

Wax and Wane Wellness requires 48 hour cancellation notice for new patient appointments and 24 hours notice for return patient appointments to avoid being charged the full appointment fee*. You'll receive an email 72 hours before your appointment and another email + text message 48 hours before your appointment as reminders. I am absolutely sensitive to emergencies and know that life happens! Should you need to cancel or reschedule within 48 hours of your first or 24 hours of your return appointment please call 954-729-8036 or email as you will not be able to do so via our Acuity online scheduler. Please know that this policy is in place with respect to the value of everyone's time and healthcare needs. Thank you for your understanding!

*New and Return Patient Arvigo® late cancellation fee is $100.

-I look forward to seeing you-