Cupping Therapy

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The style of cupping therapy at Wax and Wane Wellness is traditional glass fire cupping. This technique uses a flame to create negative pressure inside of a glass cup that is then placed on the body, pulling the skin up in to the cup and facilitating blood and lymph flow in the underlying skin/ fascia/ muscle. This increased flow means higher oxygenation and nutrition delivery into cells and increased detoxification out of cells. Cupping is used most often in this practice to nourish chronically tense and tight muscles in the neck, shoulders, and back, to aid in muscle recovery post-exercise, and to clear lung congestion in both acute and chronic respiratory conditions.

The sensation is similar in intensity to a deep tissue massage, and is adjusted according to both your therapeutic needs and your feedback. Cup "marks" on the skin's surface are a common side-effect of treatment and shows the amount of congestion that has been moved up and out of the deeper tissues below. They do not hurt and are part of the healing process. Every body is different, but cup marks usually resolve within 7-10 days.

Cupping Therapy : $65

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